Business organizations increasing donation to disasters

It is common for national governments, multinational agencies and NGOs to take active roles in catastrophe relief and recovery; however, firms are emerging as major players in these activities. Although reports of firms donating cash, providing goods or services, or taking active roles in post-disaster logistics date back the early 1900s, in the last 10 years, disaster donation by firms has emerged as a significant portion of funding for disaster relief and recovery. In cases like the earthquakes and tsunamis in 2010 in Chile and in 2011 in Japan, the total amount donated by firms has been greater than the the sum of pledges and donations from national governments and multinational agencies. 


Donations by firms (billions of USD)

As a % of total private donations

(As a % of total international aid)



39 (18.11)

2004 Asian Tsunami


41 (28.11)

2005 Hurricane Katrina & Rita


36 (29.56)

2010 Haitian Earthquake


46 (13.66)

2010 Chilean Earthquake


78 (51.33)

2011 Japanese Earthquake/ Tsunami


75 (58.36)


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